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China Development Bank Interested in Making Investments

Representatives of the China Development Bank visited the Investment-Development Bank of the Republic of Srpska (IRBRS) and expressed their interest in making investments in the Republic of Srpska, primarily in the field of electric-power industry.

Brane Stupar, the IRB Director, stated that the Delegation of the China Development Bank had visited Banja Luka as a part of their visit to financial institutions in the Region in order to identify projects in which they might invest a part of their investment portfolio worth 400 billion dollars.

„They have shown interest in concrete investment projects from the field of electric-power industry, but also participation in the privatization of companies and joint ventures of the greenfield investments“, said Stupar.
According to Stupar, the IRB presented to the Chinese investors macroeconomic indicators of the RS, review of the situation in the privatization process and informed them about the current legal regulations.